Gisela Hasparyk Miranda (Junior Researcher)


Gisela Hasparyk Miranda has a degree in Business Advisory and Translation from ISCAP-P.PORTO, she is currently a junior researcher at CEI, ISCAP-P.PORTO. She has been colaborating with CEI since 2015 as an trainee, executive assistant and a research scholarship holder in several projects, namely StreetArtCEI, TheGenderWeb, Tec’n’Cool, currently working more specifically with StreetMusicCEI. Furthermore, she has also participated in several of the Centre’s editorial projects by co-editing books such as “Viagens Intemporais pelo Saber: Mapas, Redes e Histórias”, “Cultural Tourism and Heritage in Northern Portugal” and as editor of E-REI – E-Journal of Intercultural Studies n.º 7. She works as a freelancer, creating websites and working with consulting and branding and digital communication strategies. Her main research interests are urban art, entrepreneurship, business culture, and languages and cultures.