Isabel Ricardo (Junior Researcher)


Has a degree in Business Advisory and Translation and an MA in Specialized Translation and Interpreting (ISCAP-P.PORTO). They are the former Executive Assistant of the Centrefor Intercultural Studies (CEI) of ISCAP.P.PORTO.

Junior Researcher at the Centre for Intercultural Studies (CEI) of ISCAP-P.PORTO. Their main interests are the fields of interculturality, graffiti and street art, and pop culture studies. As a research grantee they colaborated in the StreetArtCEI project, by the Centre for Intercultural Studies, in which they still participate. They have co-authored and presented several presentations and articles on the StreetArtCEI project.

They have edited two versions of CEI’s E-REI – E-Journal of Intercultural Studies, as well as several of the Centre’s publications. In addition, they have also published two articles in CEI’s Journal.

They currently work as a freelance translator and conference interpreter.