Organic Structure

According to its statutes, CEOS.PP has a Directive Board (DB), a Scientific Committee (SC), and a Coordinating Scientific Committee (CSC). There is also an External Advisory Board, made up of three international researchers of recognized merit. Its researchers (Integrated and Collaborators) are distributed among three research units (RU). Each unit has a Coordinator, elected by the RU members, which defines and manages the research activities according to the units’ Scientific Committee decisions, in direct articulation with the DB and the Coordinating Scientific Committee (this Committee comprises 15 members, representing the three RUs). The three Coordinators form the Directive Board and co-manage, with the elected Director, the center’s resources and infrastructures. The Director is also the head of the SC and CSC. The DB implements and manages CEOS.PP’s mission, strategy and research objectives, in straight articulation with the directives established by the CSC. The CSC meets regularly to accompany and validate the overall scientific work and evolution of the units. The DB acts as a coordinating management body that provides researchers with assistance to prepare and manage projects and fosters the levels of interdisciplinarity between the teams.

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