Accountability and Reporting

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The current knowledge economy demands transparency from all social and economic actors. In this context, organizations are increasingly accountable for and have to rethink and reassume their responsibilities, including social ones. Therefore, their procedures have to be improved in order to address the challenges which the world is facing.

The “Accountability and Reporting” line seeks to promote research in accountability and reporting in a digital context which is connected with the knowledge society we live in. This line encompasses a multidisciplinary group with different backgrounds, specifically: accounting, management, entrepreneurship, auditing and law. Such multidisciplinary nature allows us to cover several themes such as accountability, transparency, disclosure, intellectual capital, accounting, auditing, tax implications or social responsibility.

Furthermore, our approach of accountability and reporting is also aligned with the 2030 vision for sustainable development and, consequently, with national strategies and programs for its implementation.


Our mission is to create and transfer knowledge about accountability, social responsibility and transparency, in order to improve organizations’ decision making processes and to encourage and support organizations in disclosing information in a voluntary fashion, in complement to the mandatory one.

Specific Goals:

  • Disseminate knowledge through the publication of articles and books;
  • Organize seminars, conferences, congresses and other events;
  • Develop research projects, with practical applications, both individually or in cooperation with other organizations.

A Common Project in progress:

Social Responsibility and Transparency in Higher Education Organizations

Objective: to improve social processes throughout the organization, based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and also to promote disclosure in a voluntary fashion.

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