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Nowadays the data analysis assumes a fundamental role in the organizations. It is important that the organizations are competitive and it is necessary that they are at the forefront of competition. The area of Analytics plays a fundamental role here. According to INFORMS (Institute for Operations Research and Management Science), Analytics represents a combination of computer technologies, scientific management techniques, and statistics to solve real problems, considering that organizations have to analyze their data, in order to understand what is happening, what will happen and how to make the best option. 

The INFORMS proposes three levels for Analytics, namely, descriptive Analytics, which refers to knowing what happened and what is happening in the organizations, Predictive Analytics, in order to determine what is likely to happen, and prescriptive Analytics, with which it is intended to recognize what is happening as well as the most likely forecasts and make decisions to achieve the best performance. These three levels are not independent and many times they are partially overlapping. 

In this area of research, there is still a big gap in the way of collecting data for its treatment. It is thus intended to respond to the needs of the organizations for a general improvement of their practices and results, starting from the definition of good practices of data analysis resulting from their operations, namely through the creation of systems and technologies for data collection and analysis. The aim is to produce scientific articles, research projects, and workshops, promoted by researchers and companies in order to deepen the practical knowledge of the problems to be solved. It is also expected the development and implementation of solutions capable of providing answers to the problems found.


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