Digital Strategies for Marketing and Communication


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The Digital Marketing research line brings together researchers with different theoretical and methodological training, who cross areas such as digital marketing, e-commerce, marketing, digital communication, social networks and new social challenges in the digital world. The influence of Digital Marketing on the competitiveness of the companies and the potential of solutions that provide answers to the demands and emerging challenges of digitalization.

This research line has as main objective the articulation of the marketing with the needs and challenges of the digitalization.

There are also objectives of this line:

  • to analyze digital communication phenomena developed by companies and institutions;
  • to analyze specific social phenomena, such as social networks, new consumers, new types and formats of digital content and their relationship with new business models, consumption models and brand communication models;
  • to study e-commerce practices that promote the development of brands and companies;
  • to study the best digital marketing practices at the service of brands and companies.

General Objectives

  • To promote and implement research and development programs and projects in the area of Digital Marketing, hosting namely Master and Ph.D. students;
  • To collaborate actively with the business fabric for the transference of knowledge;
  • To embrace challenges and answer to specific problems of the business fabric.


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