Entrepreneurship and Innovation


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The research line aims to promote knowledge in the area of entrepreneurship and management of the organizations in Portugal, through studies and projects on the following topics of more specific research:

Knowledge of the characteristics of the Portuguese entrepreneur, especially in specific segments of the population such as women or higher education students and particular types of entrepreneurs such as the social or the born global entrepreneur;

Application of business orientation models to the Portuguese reality;

Analysis of new financing mechanisms for entrepreneurship, especially crowdsourcing, crowdfunding, microcredit, among others;

An insight into contextual factors that can promote or inhibit entrepreneurship;

Analysis of the impact of entrepreneurship initiatives in local or regional communities;

Knowledge of the process of identifying opportunities in entrepreneurial initiatives;

In what measure the social and economic organizations manage to mobilize resources;

Role of the social networks in resource collection and knowledge transfer in the organizations.

The knowledge of the above-mentioned topics is produced by the resident researchers in the center, by young researchers and by the participation of students of advanced training in studies, projects, and provision of services. Knowledge is disseminated through the publication of research results in national and international journals, participation in national and international conferences, the organization of scientific events in several areas of management and the provision of post-graduate training.


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