Information Systems and Technologies in Organisations


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The transversal nature of the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), its influence on the competitiveness of the companies and the potential of solutions that provide answers to the emerging demands and challenges of the contemporary society and economy place in the Research and Innovation (R&I) in Information Systems and Technologies as one of the main drivers and sources of Innovation in the organizations.  

The originality results from the fact that the research line adds scientific, technical and pedagogical competencies of several areas, namely Information Systems, Computer Engineering, Information Science and Management, acquired in the context of R&I, teaching and business context.


General Objectives

  • To promote and implement research and development programs and projects in the area of Information Systems (SI) and Technologies, welcoming namely master and Ph.D. students.
  • To collaborate actively with public and private organizations, promoting the transfer of R&I.
  • To promote postgraduate training actions in the area of IS and ICTs applied to the organizations.


Impact of scientific, technological and cultural production

In recent years, technical and scientific production has increased. This is due, on the one hand, to the obtaining of the member's degree of Ph.D. and, on the other hand, to the integration in the research line of students of post-graduate and master courses. 

To also highlight the contribution that this line has made to the training of human resources in the area of Information Systems and Technologies. 

The scientific activity produced has been disseminated through several communication channels, specifically in international scientific events and in specialized journals with ISI and Scopus impact factor, which are important vehicles for the dissemination, credibility, and recognition of scientific knowledge. 


A brief description of the work developed

This research line gathers a vast array of books, chapters of books, publications in scientific journals, conference proceedings, indexed by ISI Web of Knowledge and Scopus, in addition to other publications.

Besides of the scientific production already referred to, the members, over the years, have participated actively in the organization of international scientific events, either as organizing members of the event, or members of the coordinating, organizing and scientific committee.

Within the scope of the unit, several graduation and training courses were created and offered in emerging areas.

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