Researchers UELCE

Adriana Oliveira
To be available
Alexandra Albuquerque
She holds a PhD in Linguistics (terminology). She is lecturer in higher education institutions since 1995 and at ISCAP-IPP - Porto Accounting and Business School, since 1999. She coordinates the International Office of ISCAP since 2004. Researcher in CLUNL (New University of Lisbon) and in CEOS.PP (ISCAP-IPP). Member of the Editorial Board of the Journal “Current Trends in Translation Teaching and Learning”. President of APCOMTEC – Portuguese Association of Technical Communication – and TCeurope - Federation of Societies of Technical Communication in Europe.
Anabela Mesquita
Anabela Mesquita is a Professor at Porto Accounting and Business School since 1990. She is the Vice Dean of the school since 2007. She is the President of the SPACE European network, a member of the Algoritmi Research Centre and former Director of CICE (Research Centre for Communication and Education). She serves as Member of the Editorial Board and referee for IGI Global and as an Associate Editor of the Information Resources Management Journal and she is co-Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Technology and Human Interaction. She has also been evaluator and reviewer of European Commission projects.
Arminda Sequeira
PhD student in Strategic and Organizational Communication at ICS (U.Minho), member of the Centre for Communication and Society Studies (CECS-U.Minho) and Master in Economic Relations and International Soc. at the School of Economics and Management (U.Minho). Professor at ISCAP in the area of Business Assistance and Organizational Communication (traditional teaching and b-learning) and member of CEOS (ISCAP-IPP). Member of the Advisory Board of Porto Design Factory (DFGN) where she develops consulting and mentoring activities. Reviewer of the Journal Comunicando from the Portuguese Society of Communication. Author of 1 book and co-author of another book, in the area of business assistance and communication and two chapters of books. Her areas of expertise are: Strategic Communication; Organizational Identity and Institutional Brand; Leadership; Organizational Culture and Organizational Reputation.
Cátia Santana
To be available
Célia Tavares
She holds a PhD in Translation and Paratranslation from University of Vigo and a Master degree in Multimedia in Education from University of Aveiro. She works in GAIE - Unit for Innovation in Education (since 2005) and she is also a Professor in the field of Languages and Cultures (since 2009) at ISCAP. She is a member of the Research Unit on Languages, Communication and Education in CEOS.PP, since 2017. Her areas of expertise are: translation, paratranslation, English for specific purposes, e/b-learning, Moodle, educational technologies and multimodal communication.
Ekaterina Tokmakova
To be available
Ian MacDonald
To be available
Isabel Ardions
Lecturer at ISCAP in the area of Administrative Assistance and Organizational Communication. She holds a Bachelor in Languages and Secretariat, field of Administration Secretariat – ISCAP, a Master in Education Sciences – IT in teaching – University of Minho and a PhD in Education – Lusófona University. Researcher at CEOS.PP, Unit on Languages, Communication and Education (UELCE), area of research Communication and Languages in Organizational Environments (CLOE). Coordinator of the Employability and Traineeships Office at ISCAP. Member of the Scientific Board of the Master in Administrative Assistance. Speaker in the fields of Administrative Assistance/Secretariat, Protocol, Events Organization, PR, Communication. Co-author of the book “”Organization and Business Techniques”.
Isabelle Tulekian
To be available
Joana Fernandes
Joana Castro Fernandes is Assistant Professor at Iscap Language Department. She lectures Portuguese Linguistics, Semiotics and Communication Theory and coordinates the Portuguese group. She holds a PhD in Linguistics granted by the University of Lisbon (Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas). Her main research interests range from General Linguistics, Terminology, Communication and Portuguese as a Second Language. She regularly takes part of national and international conferences and collaborates as peer reviewer in Linguistics and Communication journals.
Joana Querido
Assistant lecturer at ISCAP in the Group of Languages and Cultures, since 2012, and at School of Education, since 2009, in the technical-scientific unit of Language Sciences and Literature. PhD student in Communication in the University of Vigo, since 2015, she develops a study regarding Digital Rhetoric: analysis of persuasive instruments in Portuguese and Spanish Massive Open Online Courses. She holds a Master degree in Portuguese as a Second Language/Foreign Language from FLUP (2010). She has developed research on Communication, Linguistics and Education in the Research and Innovation Center in Education (inED) and in the Centre for Organisational and Social Studies of P.Porto (CEOS.PP).
José Morais
José Carlos Morais holds a Ph.D. in Sociology from FLUP, since 2010. He has been teaching in higher education for 21 years. He is Director of the Journal of Psychology, Education and Culture, since 2012, and Coordinator and editorial reviewer of the Polytechnic Magazine. Member of CEOS.PP and CID-ISPGAYA, chairs the organizing committee of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd International Congress of Psychology, Education and Culture. He has been President of ISPGAYA Scientific and Technical Committee, since 2014. The areas of reference in terms of research: Social Policies, Democracy, Social Exclusions, Connectionist Logic, Network Society, Associativism, Development, Education and, more recently, Human Resources Management.
Laura Tallone
To be available
Luciana Oliveira
PhD in Communication Sciences and MSc in Multimedia. Has been developing research in the domain of social media analytics for organizational communication development and performance benchmarking as well as on the field of learning analytics. Her work falls under other core areas such as strategic/corporate communications, marketing communications, organisational communications, digital marketing and content marketing. On the domain of learning analytics, she has been working on social network analysis (SNA), sentiment analysis and on the integration of social media platforms and learning management systems.
Luís Barbosa
To be available
Manuel Moreira da Silva
Manuel Silva is a lecturer at ISCAP – IPP in the area of Languages and Cultures. He holds an MD from Porto University in Terminology and Translation and a PhD from New University of Lisbon in Linguistics. He is the Coordinator of the Research Unit in Languages, Communication and Education at the CEOS.PP and a researcher at INESC TEC. He coordinates the Unit for Innovation in Education at ISCAP and is a member of the Executive Committee of ReCLES.PT the Portuguese Language Centres Association, member of CERCLES. His research interests are terminology and translation studies, localization, knowledge management, ESP, CLIL and e/b-learning.
Manuela Veloso
To be available
Marco Furtado
Marco Furtado has a university degree in Modern Languages and Literatures by FLUP, Portugal. He has started his freelance professional career as a translator and interpreter, becoming later a secondary school teacher. He has finished his Master’s Degree in Bilingual and Intercultural German-Portuguese Studies at Minho University, Braga, Portugal, and holds a PhD Degree in Interpreting Studies by Vigo University, Spain. He is currently a Senior Lecturer at the Porto Accounting and Business School ISCAP-P.Porto. His research work is focused on Interpreting Studies, especially within the comparison between working conditions and interpreting quality regarding on site and remote interpreting modes. Furthermore, he is developing additional research work on Intercultural Studies, German Contemporary History and Culture, and German Culture for Business.
Maria da Graça Chorão
To be available
Maria Helena Guimarães
PhD in Translation and Paratranslation by University of Vigo, Master in German Studies at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of University of Porto and graduated in Specialized Translation and Interpreting by the Porto Accounting and Business School, she is of ISCAP since 2005, sub-coordinator of the disciplinary area of Cultural and Russian Language, having created, in 2013, the post-graduation course in Russian Intercultural Studies, of which she is director. She is translator of texts and literary works, namely German and Russian, author of articles in diverse areas of knowledge, participating, with regularity, in national and international conferences. Member of MAPRYAL (International Association of Literature and Russian Language Professors).
Maria Isabel Vieira
Isabel Vieira is Senior Lecturer at ISCAP-IPP in the area of Mathematics, for more than 30 years. Master in System Engineering - University of Porto and PhD in Mathematics from the Imperial College of Science Technology and Medicine - University of London, degree equivalence from the Science Faculty - University of Porto. Her research interests are in the fields of Numerical Linear Algebra, Numerical Methods to solve Differential Equations (Runge- Kutta Methods), Mathematics Teaching and History, MOOC, e/b-learning, Critical Thinking. She has several scientific publications and collaborates in international scientific journals as peer reviewer.
Maria Ivone Cardoso
PhD in Teaching of Foreign Languages since 2001, from the University of Aveiro. She finished the Master in Education Science in 1989, from the University of Aveiro. Bachelor in Languages and Modern Literature (option French and English), 1984, from the University of Porto. She teaches at the Porto Accounting and Business School, since 1991. Collaborator at the Centre for Organizational and Social Studies of the Polytechnic of Porto. Responsible for the organization of events, such as the III International Congress from AELFE at ISCAP and the XII Congress of AELFE at ESEIG. She is reviewer of several scientific publications, including the journal IBÉRICA, where is belonged to the scientific committee. Her research interests are the Command of the Foreign Language, Cognitive Linguistics and Terminology, in the Languages for Specific Purposes.
Maria João Castro
She finished her PhD in the IT Management Area, at the University of Minho, in 2005. During the last 19 years, she has been an Associate Professor at the Porto Accounting and Business School. She participated in the organization of events in Portugal in the area of Information Technology. She is a member of the Scientific Council of RISTI journal. She is member of the scientific committee of four international conferences. Her main research interests are, currently: the applicability of Information Alternatives in Higher Education, Student Retention Strategies in Higher Education and Security Informatics.
Maria Lurdes Sarmento
Maria de Lurdes Sarmento holds a Bachelor degree in Sociology, a Master degree in Management with a specialization in Marketing from University of Minho and a PhD in Marketing and Strategy from the same University. She has papers published in international journals, such as, the Industrial Marketing Management, the Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing, Education & Training, the Journal of Promotion Management and the Journal of Convention and Event Tourism. She is currently working towards a postdoctoral at New University of Lisbon and Open University Business School. Her areas of interest are the relational Marketing and the innovation management.
Micaela Moura
Micaela da Silva Marques Moura holds a PhD in Translation and Paratranslation (Legal Translation German - Portuguese). Master in German Studies and graduated in Languages and Modern Literatures, Variant of English and German Studies, Branch of German Translation. Currently is Assistant Professor in ISCAP. Her fields of research are translation studies, particularly the legal translation, intercultural studies and German language and culture.
Paula Carvalho
Paula Carvalho is a project manager at ISCAP since 2010. She has, since, administratively and financially managed several projects under several frameworks (ERASMUS+, LLP, Youth in Action, ESF). She is also an invited lecturer at the institution since 2009, teaching translation and English language and culture related subjects, and is actively involved in an SP for Higher Education under the Scope of Erasmus+ concerning the development of students’ soft skills. She is a freelance translator/subtitler since 2007. She has a BA in Specialised Translation and Interpreting, a post-graduate course in Computer Assisted Translation, and a MA in Multimedia.
Paula Moutinho
To be available
Paula Peres
To be available
Paulino Silva
Professor at ISCAP - IPP since February 2003 in the areas of Accounting and Management. Coordinator, researcher and coach in several international projects supported by European Union. Author of scientific papers, namely in the Qualitative Research in Accounting and Management journal. Invited Professor in several higher education international institutions. Author of scientific communications in several international conferences in the areas of Management, Accounting and Education. Certified Coach with specialization in Business, Management and Team. Management Consultant and Certified Trainer. Specialist in Management Sciences by IPP, Master’s degree in Management and MBA from the UP. President of MAERA Association, that promotes the connection between the academic and the business world. Member of scientific committees and organization teams of various international conferences. Reviewer of international conferences and journals.
Pedro Duarte
Pedro Duarte is Assistant Professor at ISCAP-IPP. Master in Specialized Translation and Interpreting from ISCAP, he is responsible for the management of GAIE-ISCAP's language laboratories, member of JOININ's organization committee and he also works as a professional translator and interpreter. His main research interests are translation, interpreting studies, localisation and project management.
Rita Cruz
To be available
Rosa Engrácia Silva
To be available
Sandra Ribeiro
Sandra Ribeiro is a senior lecturer at ISCAP-IPP in the area of Languages and Cultures. She holds a PhD from the University of Aveiro, Portugal, in Digital Storytelling in Higher Education. Her research interests include Digital Storytelling as a pedagogical practice to foster student reflection and overall student development; the integration of Technology in Education; and Language Learning, Translation and Interpreting as acts of inter-cultural communication.
Sara Pascoal
To be available
Susana Pinto
She holds a Master degree in Multimedia from FEUP (2010) and a Bachelor in Marketing from ISCAP (2005). In 2005, she joins as a member of the Portuguese team in international project INTERCOM. In 2007, she begins to work on the Public Relations and Communication Office and, in 2008, she becomes responsible for the Office. She began her teaching career in the area of Business Assistant and Communication in 2010. From 2015 to 2016, she performed the function of SPACE Marketing Communication Chair at SPACE Network. She participated in the MatActiva project and she is member of FoCAS Research Interests: Marketing Communication, Public Relations, Social Media, Events, Blended Communication, Marketing, Crisis Communication.
Suzana Cunha
Master in translation studies and PhD student in legal translation and terminology. Professional experience in translation and interpreting: technical and literary translator and scientific reviewer, since 1991, with over 10 books published, namely romances and essays and technical and scientific translations, such as medical books and scientific fiction. Translator of several articles in different areas: financial, educational, medical, legal, scientific. Conference and court interpreter. Higher education teaching experience in literary, legal and technical translation, computer assisted translation and English.
Teresa Pataco
PhD student of the Terminology, Documentation and Corpora Program from the Facultade de Filoloxía e Tradución of the University of Vigo. Master in Translation Studies at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Porto, where she also graduated in Languages and Modern Literatures, variant of English and German Studies (Branch of Translation). She teaches English for Specific Purposes in the polytechnic higher education since 1997, being a member of the team that created the degree in Catering Management from ESHT-IPP. She is a member of the translation team responsible for the Portuguese edition of JADA, The Journal of the American Dental Association, since 1999.
Vanessa Matos
To be available
Xandra Santos
To be available
Zita Romero
Lecturer at ISCAP since 1986. She holds a PhD and a Master in Education, specialization in Educational Technologies. She teaches in the Bachelor degrees of TBA, BC, MTA, Creativity and Innovation.. Co-founder of the Bachelor in Business Communication, in 2005 and Head of the degree until 2014. Coordinator of the subjects of Document Management and Archive, Public Speaking, Workshop of Business Communication. Erasmus Mobilities in the areas of Business Comunication, Public Speaking. Researcher, author, speaker and promoter of conferences in the fields of Business Assistance, Business Communication and Organization of Events. Technical-scientific reviewer of two Journals: “Expectativa”da UNIOESTE; e "Gestão & Sociedade" of the University of Minas Gerais, Brazil. Research areas of interest: Business and Organizational Comunication, Management Assistance, Archive Management.

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