Researchers UESI

Agostinho Pinto
He holds a PhD in Information Systems and Technologies Engineering from University of Minho and he is a Professor specialized in Information Systems. He develops research on Organizational Knowledge Management, particularly on Shared Services. He collaborates with CEOS.PP and with the Research Center Algoritmi in the University of Minho. Professor at ISCAP, since 1998, he developed a career as an IST Manager in large companies. He is member of the University’s Technical and Scientific Board and the Coordinating Scientific Committee of CEOS.PP. He is Director of the Masters in Electronic Business and the TeSP Course in Technology Management for Innovation.
Ana Azevedo
She holds a PhD in Information Systems and Technologies from University of Minho. She has published several papers in scientific journals, conferences and book chapters and she has edited books. Ana Azevedo is an Associate Editor of the International Journal of Technology and Human Interaction (IJTHI) and she is member of the Editorial Review Board of the International Journal of Decision Support System Technology (IJDSST), the International Journal of Business Intelligence Research (IJBIR), the International Journal of Grid and Utility Computing (IJGUC) and of the Electronic Journal of e-Learning (EJEL). Her main fields of interest are the Decision Support Systems, Analytics, Business Intelligence, E-Assessment and IS issues.
Ana Lúcia Terra
PhD in Documentary Sciences from the University of Coimbra (2009). Since 2002, she teaches in the area of Information Science, in the Degree of Information and Documentation Sciences and Technologies, that she coordinated in the period from 2009-2016. She also teaches in the Master of Business Information and she was Director of the Master since its first edition until June 2018. She is Integrated Researcher at CIC.Digital, in the hub of the University of Porto. She is coordinator of the WG in Information Science of the “SOPCOM - Sociedade Portuguesa de Ciências da Comunicação”. Her research areas are information policies, information management, informational behaviour and the organization and representation of the information. She has several publications in journals, proceedings and book chapters.
Ana Paula Afonso
Lecturer in the area of Information Technology at ISCAP since 1989, holds a Ph.D. on Human-Computer Interaction with a thesis about Web Interfaces Usability Evaluation. She was the Head of CEISE/STI - a Research Center of IT at ISCAP. She has published several books on IT and is a member of the scientific committee of Conferences and Journals. She received an award for a paper about e-Learning experiences and some extended versions of her papers were published on special issues of the Journal Computer Science and Engineering. She is currently the Vice-Director of Polissema and the President of the Pedagogical Council of ISCAP.
Ana Paula Lopes
She has a Ph.D. in Mathematics. She is Senior Lecturer at ISCAP/P.PORTO. She is the author and co-author of several peer-reviewed publications. She has been coordinator and member of several National and International Projects. She was awarded with the Prize of “Pedagogical Innovation in Distance Education” (2015) and Honorable Mention of “Best practices of Internationalization and Mobility” (2016). She has been Member of Scientific Committee of several International Conferences and is a Member of the Scientific Board of Hyperion Economic Journal (HEJ). She is also regular reviewer for several Scientific International Journals. She is a researcher at CEPESE. Her main research interests are Information Technologies in Education, B/E-Learning, Learning Analytics, Multi Criteria Decision Making and E-Assesment.
Ana Paula Teixeira
To be available
Anabela Serrano
PhD in Information and Communication in Digital Platforms from the University of Porto, she is Adjunct Professor of the Scientific Area of Information Systems at ISCAP, being coordinator of curricular units and supervisor of dissertations. She is an integrated researcher at CITCEM/University do Porto and a collaborator researcher at CEOS.PP/P.Porto. Scientific reviewer since 2011, she was a PhD fellow at FCT. She is author and co-author of scientific articles and book chapters with peer-review indexed in: Scopus, LISTA, ACM Digital Library, EBSCO, ISTA, etc. Her current research interests include: digital skills in higher education, information retrieval, evaluation of digital libraries and archives, knowledge organization systems, usability testing with eye tracking, impact of artificial intelligence.
António João Vidal Carvalho
João Vidal de Carvalho PhD in Information Systems and Technology from University of Santiago de Compostela (Spain), MSc in Information Technology Management from University of Minho (Portugal), and Bachelor in Computer Science. He is Lecturer in Information Systems at Porto Accounting and Business School. Member of CEOS.PP. Member of the Iberian Systems and Information Technology Association (AISTI). He has published some books about computer science/Databases. He has developed several research activities in the context of the Hospital Information Systems Maturity Models that led to the publication of several scientific papers.
António José Abreu
He holds a PhD in Software Engineering. Professor in the area of Information Systems, at ISCAP. Director of the postgraduate course in Public/Private Real Estate Management. Researcher in CISUC, University of Coimbra, and in CEOS.PP. Coordinator for the market development in the Center of Training and External Services of ISCAP and the CTeSP. President of the Audit Board of AISTI. Member of the Scientific Board in conferences and in national and international initiatives (CISTI; WORLDCIST; CAPSI; COMETEL). He develops research in the Department of Computer Engineering, University of Coimbra, for the integration of IT in school, which led to the publication of articles in indexed journals.
Catarina Oliveira Lucas
To be available
Célia Talma
She has a PhD in Informatics Engineering from the Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto (2013), a Master in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science from the Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto (1999) and a Bachelor degree in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science from the Faculty of Science (1994), University of Porto. She is Adjunct Professor at ISCAP – P.Porto and researcher at LIACC – Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science Laboratory. She is the Director of the Pos-graduate course in Enterprise Information Systems Management at ISCAP – P.Porto. Her main research areas include Information Retrieval, Text Mining, Data Mining, Machine Learning, Information Systems and Business Intelligence. She is the author and co-author of several conference/journal indexed publications. She is a member of the APPIA.
Cristina Pereira Torres
She holds a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics from the University of Porto. She is a Senior Lecturer in the scientific field of Mathematics at ISCAP – P.Porto. Her current research interests include: Technology in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, Learning Analytics and Time Series Analysis, particularly, Multivariate time series of counts.
Eusébio Costa
To be available
Filomena Soares
Math lecturer in the Polytechnic Institute of Porto (P.PORTO) since 1989, currently developing her professional activity in ISCAP. PhD in Mathematics (2006), MSc (1999) in Applied Mathematics and post graduated in Financial Studies (1995). Senior Lecturer at the extinguished ESEIG (2000-2016), she led the Math Department (2009-2016). Member several Projects related with the Use of Technology and Pedagogical Innovation in Distance Education, one of which received, in 2015, the Award for Pedagogical Innovation in Distance Education. Her research interests include Math fundamentals, Online Learning, Open Educational Math Resources, Teaching and Learning pedagogical resources and techniques, B/E- Learning, Learning Analytics, among others.
Firmino Silva
He holds his Masters since 2005 from the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto (Portugal) on the topic of Information Systems integration in the automotive industry. Currently, he attends a PhD at the School of Industrial Engineering and Innovation Sciences from the University of Technology of Eindhoven. Firmino Silva’s research interests lie in service selection and ranking in cross-organizational business process collaborations. He works at IBM Portugal as ITS Project Manager since 2012. He was previously a UNIX / SAP department manager in one of the most representative automotive sector companies in Portugal, among other positions / companies. He is a guest lecturer at the Porto Accounting and Business School since 2001.
José Azevedo
Lecturer in the Mathematics Department, ISCAP/ Polytechnic Institute of Porto (P.PORTO), Porto, Portugal, since 1998. He obtained is PhD in Education (Mathematics) at the University of Beira Interior, Covilhã, Portugal. He published several articles in conferences and journals. He is a member of the program committee of some conferences in his areas of research. In addition, he also serves as a reviewer for some conferences. He supervises master students in related areas of his research interests. Researcher at CEOS.PP Research Center. His research interests are Analytics, Mathematics Education, E-Assessment, Financial Mathematics, Financial Time Series, Data Mining and E-Learning.
José Luís Reis
PhD in Information Systems and Technologies from University of Minho and Specialist Professor Title in Management and Administration from IPAM – Porto. Was responsible for systems and information technologies in various entities, such as CVRVV, Integral Vision (UK) and ORTEVE, national and international projects coordinator on the information management field, applied marketing and strategic regional planning and mobility. He’s an integrated member of the research centre CETRAD of UTAD and collaborator of CEOS. Author of papers and scientific articles on the information systems modulation domain, multimedia, data processing for the personalization and information systems of marketing. He’s author and co-author of various books such as “Personalização no Marketing – Tecnologias e Sistemas de Informação”, “Marketing no agroalimentar – fundamentos e estudos de caso” and “Gamification Model for SME”.
Luís Rodrigues
He holds a PhD in Technologies and Information Systems from University of Minho. He is a member of the board of the Portuguese Association of Information Systems. His areas of interest and research are: Enterprise Architecture, BPM (Business Process Management), IS Modelling, IS Management and Governance.
Maria de Lurdes Babo e Silva
Lurdes Babo is senior lecturer in the Mathematics department and member of CEOS.PP at ISCAP-IPP, Portugal. She has a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics, from the University of Porto. Her research interests include Technology in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, Learning Analytics, Time Series Analysis, Simulation and quasi-Monte Carlo methods.
Maria Inês Braga
Maria Inês Braga holds a PhD in Information and Communication in Digital Platforms from the Faculty of Arts of Porto University. Her doctoral thesis in the area of Information Sciences regards the Information Literacy in higher-education. She is member of CIC.Digital – Center for Research in Communication, Information and Digital Culture. She is Professor at the Polytechnic Institute of Porto and she has though in the fields of Languages, Communication and Information Sciences. Her areas of interest are: Information Literacy, Communication, Ethics in Information, Higher-Education, New Information Technologies and Communication and Pedagogy.
Maria José Angélico
Maria José Angélico is a Professor at ISCAP, P.Porto in the area of Information Systems. She holds a PhD in Component-Based Software Engineering - Human Machine Interfaces, University of Vigo. She is researcher at CEOS.PP (Center for Organizational and Social Studies of Polytechnic of Porto) and CEPESE (Research Centre for the Study of Population, Economics and Society Centre). She is developing several research activities on Information Systems and Knowledge Representation. She is Member of the Editorial Board and Scientific Board of several international indexed Scientific Journals. She is member of the Scientific Committee of several scientific events and has publications on her research areas.
Mariana Curado Malta
Senior Lecturer at the Polytechnic of Porto (ISCAP), she holds a PhD in Technologies and Information Systems from the University of Minho. Her research interests are associated with the systematic ways of developing metadata application profiles (MAP), as well as with the most appropriate techniques for the development of artifacts in the process of defining a MAP. In this context, she is the author of the Me4MAP method. In the last 6 years she has been testing this method in different contexts / projects (for example, products & networks of social economy, poetry, social economy transparency index, among others). She also edited a book on how to develop MAPs for the semantic Web, and has several articles published on the subject. She works on several projects funded by FCT and worked as a post-doc on a project funded by H2020 ERC Staring Grant (, at UNED in Madrid. She is the author of several scientific articles and book chapters.
Mário Costa
He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Applied Mathematics - Informatics, from Universidade Livre do Porto, (current Portucalense University of Porto), with a post-graduate degree in Information Management and Post-Graduation in Information Systems from Universidade do Minho. Sage certified trainer, number 100.154 of Sage SENIOR Technician, for management applications, in particular Sage 50 Cloud, Sage 100 Cloud and Sage for Accountants. His main areas of interest are Information Systems, IT Security and IT support to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).
Milena Carvalho
Adjunct Professor at ISCAP-P.Porto, in the area of Information Science. PhD in Documentary Sciences – Specialization in Information Management and Information Services, from FLUC. Masters in Archives, Libraries and Information Science from the University of Évora. Expert in Documentary Sciences – Archive Choice from FLUP. Director of the Bachelor in Documentary and Information Sciences and Technologies and of the Specialization Course in School Library Management. She has published in scientific conferences and journals and collaborates as a peer reviewer in national and international conferences. Her research interests are in the areas of Information Science, Mediation and informational behaviour, Information and Knowledge management, Preservation and Conservation, Information Heritage, Information Representation and Semantic Web.
Paulo Trigueiros
PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Minho. He is an adjunct professor in the area of Information Systems at ISCAP. Researcher at CEOS.PP and Collaborator Researcher at the Algoritmi Center of the University of Minho and at LIAAC - Laboratório de Inteligência Artificial e Ciência de Computadores from the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto. Author and co-author of several articles in scientific journals, conferences and book chapters. He has a book published with the theme "Computer Vision and Machine Learning based Hand Gesture Recognition". His main areas of interest are Image Processing, Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence and Computer Security.
Rosalina Babo
Rosalina Babo is a Coordinator Professor at Porto Accounting and Business School/Polytechnic Institute of Porto (ISCAP/IPP), Portugal. Since the year 2000, she is the head of the Information Systems Department and she was member of the university scientific board for twelve years (2000-2012). Rosalina Babo was one of the founders (2006) of CEOS-PP research center (former CEISE/STI) and its director until 2011. She has several papers published in International Conferences and books. Her main areas of research are e-learning, usability, e-commerce and social networks.
Rui Humberto Pereira
Rui Humberto Pereira has a PhD in Software Engineering based on reusable components with Human-Machine interface applications (2015), Specialist in Information Systems (2012); Master in Multimedia Technologies (2001) and Bachelor degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering (1997). He is currently Associate Professor at the Polytechnic Institute of Porto, Coordinates the ISCAP Computing Centre, and he is an effective researcher at the Information Systems’ Research Unit of CEOS.PP as an Integrated PhD Researcher. He has published articles in specialized journals, event proceedings and book chapters. He received the best paper award. He also has collaborated as a peer reviewer in scientific journals and international conferences. His research interests are Information Systems, in particular in the areas of data base and aspect oriented programming and Software Engineering.
Susana Costa Martins
Susana Martins holds a PhD in Education-specializing in Education and Libraries from the University Portucalense Infante D. Henrique (Porto) since 2015 and is Assistant Professor at ISCAP-IPP in Information Science. Researcher at CEOS.PP. She has presented several papers at international congresses, published the articles in the respective proceedings, and also published articles in several scientific journals. She is a scientific reviewer of several conferences in the area of Information Science and Education. The main areas of interest are: Information Literacy; Informational behavior; Bibliometrics; Documentation and Scientific Information; Organization and management of information; Representation of information; Information Policies; Information management; web semantics and use of information technologies in information services.

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