CEI’s project wins the Santander UNI-COVID19 award

The Centre for Intercultural Studies (CEI) of ISCAP – P.PORTO won the 3rd phase of the Santander UNI-COVID19 award, with the “Street Art Against COVID19” project.

The Santander UNI.COVID-19 award is promoted by the Santander Totta Bank, as a response to the emergency situation caused by the current crisis, in order to highlight and support initiatives that have a social impact and were developed by the academic community in this adverse context.

The “Street Art Against COVID19” project will collect and publish online the works of street art that appeared in Porto during the months of lockdown. “Street Art Against COVID19” will raise awareness of the art that continues to be created in the streets of Porto, proving to visitors and tourists that the city’s artistic potential hasn’t faded. “Street Art Against COVID19” continues the StreetArtCEI project, in order to support artists, small entrepreneurs, and local communities in the challenges posed by the new post-Covid19 reality.

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