Masters in Intercultural Studies for Business


Post Graduate Course - Cultural Resources for Business


Master's in Specialized Translation and Interpreting


Marco Lamas, CEI researcher, at CEE’2019 – Conference on Entrepreneurship Education with “Formal, non-formal and informal entrepreneurship education: What impact on business success in technology-based startups?”

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StreetArtCEI project in the press, Rádio Renascença, RTP, and Porto Canal

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New protocol University of Santiago de Compostela – CEI & Masters in Intercultural Studies for Business:
PhD Advanced English Studies: linguistics, literature, and Culture.

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The partnership between ISCAP, CEI, Google Arts&Culture and Santo Tirso International Museum of Contemporary Sculpture continues.


CEI participates in the project “TheRoute – Tourism and Heritage Routes including Ambient Intelligence with Visitants’ Profile Adaptation and Context Awareness”, SAICT/23447 (MCTES, Portugal 2020 and FCT), with partners of 8 schools of P.Porto, IPVC and Douro Azul.

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Rotas de Património, Street Art & Turismo Literário – Os projetos TheRoute e StreetArtCEI
[Routes of Heritage, Street Art & Literary Tourism – The projects TheRoute and StreetArtCEI]

An event under the Jornadas Europeias do Património 2019

27 September 2019 | Sala de Actos, ISCAP-P.PORTO

CEI - Research Centre #1 at P.PORTO TV

CEI, ISCAP & MA in Intercultural Studies for Business at "Sociedade Civil", RTP2

CEI at Jornal de Notícias Online

Chapters by CEI Researchers

"Education and cultural diversity in business context: A case of innovation in ISCAP-P.PORTO" in the book Diversidade no Ensino Superior [Diversity in Higher Education].

“Transversal Skills in Dentistry: Content and Language Learning Approach”no livro European Space Project on Smart Systems, Big Data and Future Internet: Towards serving the grand societal challenges.