Ending Project visits Boa Nova Secondary School

On June 8th, the ENDING project team was welcomed by teachers and model students of the Secondary School of Boa Nova. This is one more of the teams that will develop the ENDING Student Guide in collaboration with other Portuguese and Spanish schools.

Congratulations to this committed team of students, accompanied by their teachers Marlene Pinto and Rui Pinheiro.

ENDING – ICT & Early School Leaving. Developing a New Methodology to Empower Children

The main objectives of this project are related to capacity building of school age students through an innovative methodology which will promote good and healthy use of the new technologies, identify relevant sources of information, appropriate to the age of minors and, at the same time, promote positive relationships between peers, encourage critical thinking, awareness of existing risks and promote respect for others in values such as equality, diversity and non-discrimination. This methodology, that will involve students directly, will help raise awareness and inform them about the possible negative aspects and effects of misusing social and digital media. In the digital era, skills and competences related to the use of the Internet are crucial. 

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