Laura Tallone


Laura Tallone has a degree in Letters and Literary and Technical-scientific Translation. She has an MA in Spcialized Translation and Interpreting. She holds the title of Translation Specialist, granted by P.PORTO. Currently, she is frequenting the PhD program in Translation and Paratranslation at the University of Vigo and is a part of the University of Vigo’s GAELT – Grupo de Análise e Estudo da Literatura e de Tradutoloxía project.

She is a Spanish and Translation professor at ISCAP. She is a researcher at ISCAP’s CICE-ULA and CEI centres. She is a Translator and Simultaneous interpreter. She has made translations that have been published by Editorial Sudamericana (Buenos Aires), Fundação de Serralves, the Faculty of Medicine of Porto, Ed. Global Notícias, Conserveries mémorielles ʹ Revue trandisciplinaire de jeunes chercheurs (online), etc.