Marco Furtado, PhD


Marco António Furtado has a university degree in Modern Languages and Literatures – English and German Studies – by the Faculty of Arts of University of Porto, Portugal. He has started his freelance professional career as a translator and interpreter (especially as a liaison interpreter), becoming later a secondary school teacher. He has finished his Master’s Degree in Bilingual and Intercultural German-Portuguese Studies at Minho University, Braga, Portugal, and holds a PhD Degree in Interpreting Studies by Vigo University, Spain. He is currently an Associate Lecturer at the Porto Accounting and Business School ISCAP-P.Porto. His research work is focused on Interpreting Studies, especially within the comparison between working conditions and interpreting quality regarding on site and remote interpreting modes. Furthermore, he is developing additional research work on Intercultural Studies, German Contemporary History and Culture, and German Culture for Business.

Marco Furtado is in charge of the Research Line in “Intercultural Studies in Business” since September 2019.