Maria João Cameira, PhD


Maria João Mesquita Marçal Cameira holds a PhD in Romance Languages and Cultures from the Faculty of Letters of the University of Porto, a Master’s degree in Comparative Portuguese and French Literature, contemporary period, from the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa, with a degree in Languages and Literature Modern, Portuguese and French Studies, by the Faculty of Letters of Porto
and professor of Portuguese, French Language, French Language Translation, French Culture and Intercultural Communication at Porto Accounting and Business School, one of the eight houses that compose the Porto Polytechnic Institute, since 1991.
She is the author of the book A Transfiguração do Feminino na Poesia de Luiza Neto Jorge, um sujeito poético a várias vozes, New Academic Editions, 2017 and she writes several articles in the areas she teaches.