CEI Director at the CoP SciArt in Education Workshop in Brussels

Within the scope of her participation in the Community of Practice (CoP) of SciArt in Education (https://science-art-society.ec.europa.eu/education#members), promoted by the Joint Research Center (JRC) of the European Commission, Clara Sarmento, director of CEI – Center for Intercultural Studies, participated in the CoP SciArt in Education Workshop, in Brussels, between May 27 and 30, 2024.

The CoP SciArt in Education Workshop took place at the European Commission’s JRC facilities, iMal and Atelier 34zero, where Clara Sarmento presented the research she is carrying out at the CEI, as well as taking part in activities to share good scientific practices, networking and creating projects. The CEI director also presented a video installation about her research at the Imagine ArtScience Exhibition at Atelier 34zero in Jette.

Communities of Practice bring together groups with different knowledge perspectives and strengthen their capacity to work and learn creatively while harnessing the collective intelligence in the organisation to deliver integrated policy work and overcome silo mentalities. The CoP SciArt in Education Workshop run a dynamic workshop that explored the intersection of art and science in education. This event fostered collaboration, shared competences and promoted innovative practices with insightful talks, engaging activities, and thought-provoking discussions. The CoP SciArt in Education Workshop was an exciting opportunity to explore the fusion of art and science, share knowledge, and contribute to the future of education.

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