CEI is a founding member of the National Network in Cultural Studies

The National Network in Cultural Studies (RNEC), coordinated by the University of Aveiro, articulates several Portuguese research and higher level teaching institutions, dedicated to the development of research, innovation, training, and sharing actions for Cultural Studies. It was created to promote the structuring of the field of cultural studies, as well as stimulate national cooperation to convey more strength to the scientific production in the field, as well as promote it through articulation with other national and international networks. This initiative’s intention is to make Cultural Studies practiced in the Portuguese Higher Teaching an increasingly greater reference inside and outside of the country. RNEC’s goals are to:

  • Structure the field of Cultural Studies in Portugal;
  • Raise awareness to the field and its practices to the intervenients themselves and to the general public;
  • Increase the degree of interaction and create synergies for specific thematic and disciplinary areas within the CSs (common projects, journals, orientation and co-orientation activities, and many others), which enhance the quality and the extension of research in CS in Portugal;
  • Increase the robustness of research in CS in Portugal;
  • Promote the internationalization of CSs produced in the country.

RNEC’s website can be accessed here.

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