CEI researcher wins FCT-Doctoral grant and is appointed coordinator of Cost Action CA21125

Ana Margarida Silva, researcher at the Center for Intercultural Studies (CEI) and alumni of the Master’s in Intercultural Studies for Business at ISCAP-P.PORTO, has won an FCT – Foundation for Science and Technology PhD grant, as part of the PhD in Cultural Studies: Memory, Heritage, Territory and Language that she is developing at the University of Santiago de Compostela, with a thesis entitled “The Identity and the Memory of the Cultural territory of Serra da Estrela”. Ana Margarida Silva will have CEI as her host institution throughout her PhD, under the guidance of researcher Clara Sarmento.

In addition, Ana Margarida Silva, who is a member of Cost Action CA21125 – A European Forum for Revitalization of Marginalized Mountain Areas (MARGISTAR), has also been appointed coordinator of the sub-group of MARGISTAR’s Working Group 2 responsible for the “self-organized activities” of this Cost Action.

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