Manuela Veloso, PhD


PhD in Comparative Literature (Visual and Textual Poetics in Vorticism and Expressionism) from the University of Minho in 2008. Adjunct Professor since 1999, having started as an Assistant Professor in 1988 at ISCAP / Polytechnic of Porto. She currently teaches German for Specific Purposes (Lic.AT), Technical-Scientific Translation German – Portuguese (MTIE) and German Culture for Business II (Ma.ISB). She is a collaborating member of CEI/ISCAP (Centre for Intercultural Studies) and an integrated member of ILCML (Institute of Comparative Literature Margarida Losa / Faculty of Letters of the University of Porto) as a researcher in the Intermedialities group. She has published 22 articles in specialised journals and book chapters, as well as 2 books (1 translation and 1 on historical avant-gardes). She has received 4 awards and/or honours. She works in the area of Humanities with emphasis on
Languages, Literatures, Arts/Crafts and Cultures, with a particular focus on issues of cultural identity. She investigates the early European avant-gardes as embryos of new perceptual and philological possibilities, as well as a starting point for reflection on societal and cultural matrices.