Masterclass “Intercultural Training – Doing Business with Germans”

The Centre for Intercultural Studies invites the academic community to attend the Masterclass of the MA in Intercultural Studies for Busines “Intercultural Training – Doing Business with Germans” by Jessica Rock (University of Applied Sciences, Koblenz)

The Masterclass will take place next Tuesday, 18th of April, at 18:30, on classroom 234 at ISCAP.

Primarily, this workshop is about raising awareness of cultural complexity and how to dealwith foreign cultures. The following questions will be explored in an interactive atmosphere: How are foreign and self-perception related? What role do stereotypes and prejudices play? What should be considered when dealing with foreign cultures? How do I communicate successfully with people from other cultures? Competence in managing an intercultural situation plays an increasingly important role in our globalized world.

The internationalization of markets can only be countered with an interculturally competent workforce. Since Germany is on the forefront of the business world and a desirable country for foreign professionals, it is quite important to know the German (work) culture, in order to get the full benefits of your work and personal relationships.

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