Culturas Partilhadas, Património Partilhado, Responsabilidade Partilhada

Culturas Partilhadas, Património Partilhado, Responsabilidade Partilhada

Porto: Centre for Intercultural Studies, ISCAP-P.PORTO, January 2020

Clara Sarmento, with Beatriz Pinto and Isabel Ricardo

ISBN: 978-989-97851-6-8

Table of Contents

Table of Figures


Chapter One
The StreetArtCEI Project: Graffiti and Street Art Routes in Porto and Northern Portugal
Clara Sarmento

Chapter Two
Landscape Iconography of Confinement: The Forest of Bussaco [Shared Aesthetic Responsibility]
Maria de Fátima Lambert

Chapter Three
The Urban Mazes of the StreetArtCEI Project
Isabel Ricardo & Luísa Silva

Chapter Four uatro
Public Art, Shared Heritage: The Results of an Educational Project between Iscap, MIEC, and Google Arts & Culture
Sara Pascoal, Laura Tallone & Marco Furtado

Chapter Five
The StreetMusicCEI Project: Street Music Routes, Urban Revitalization, and Management of the Public Space in Porto
Gisela Hasparyk Miranda

Chapter Six
Street Arts – from Graffiti to the Urban Art(s)
Pedro Furão

Chapter Seven
Literary Heritage and Aesthetic-Cognitive Experiences Surrounding Fictional Pandemics in the English Language
Rogério Miguel Puga

Chapter Eight
Translation, Tradución, Exogeny, and Haritage
Anxo Fernández Ocampo