CEI’s growing presence on the web and in social media

To take its projects even further, CEI has inaugurated profiles for the StreetArtCEI project on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

In only one week, StreetArtCEI’s social media has reached thousands of users all over the world and content was shared by artists such as Francisco Fonseca, Third, Someart, KATRE, Costah, and Desapareceram. Pedro Podre, Helena Rocio Janeiro, Youthone, MRKAS, Mesk, Fedor, Oker, PANT, and Guel Do It have also interacted. Instagram stands out with a growth of 83.8% in general views.

Social media presence has also boosted visits to CEI’s and its projects’ websites. Analytics show that CEI’s website had 2890 views throughout 2020, with 260 new visitors in March 2021 alone. Besides Portugal, the largest number of regular visits comes from the USA, Brazil, Spain, France, China, the UK, Canada, Australia, the Netherlands, and Finland.

E-REI, CEI’s E-Journal of Intercultural Studies, stood out in 2020 with 537 visitors. The countries with the largest number of visitors were Portugal, Brazil, the USA, Spain, Macau, Canada, Australia, the UK, Russia, and Algeria.

Interactions are more globalized in the StreetArtCEI project, with regular visits from Portugal, the USA, India, the Philippines, China, the UK, Algeria, Bangladesh, Brazil, Thailand, Indonesia, Germany, and France, throughout all of 2020. March 2021 recorded 116 new visitors, a growth of 17.3%.

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