Science and Art for Transdisciplinary Education”, Joint Research Centre, European Comission

The Centre for Intercultural Studies (CEI) announces the publication of “Science and Art for Transdisciplinary Education: A collection of good SciArt education practice”, edited by the Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission. The full reference of the publication is:

European Commission, Joint Research Centre, Newman, A., Mckeon, A., Paolini, C., Sarmento, C., Bergaust, K., Hoch, M., Purg, P., Dominici, P., Van Den Akker, R., Garcia Robles, R., Greaves, S., Chemi, T. and Denigot, T., Science and Art for Transdisciplinary Education, Kourti, N. editor(s), European Commission, Ispra, 2024, JRC136896.

The publication can be accessed at:

This book comes about as part of CEI’s participation in the Community of Practice (CoP) “SciArt in Education”, JRC, European Commission, (, through researcher Clara Sarmento, so it broadly refers to the interdisciplinary research and teaching underway at CEI, along with other innovative educational practices that integrate science and art.

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