Street Art CEI

Routes of Urban Art

StreetArtCEI creates routes of urban art in Porto and northern Portugal, accessible at the project’s website.

The Route

CEI is part of the project “TheRoute – Tourism and Heritage Routes including Ambient Intelligence with Visitants’ Profile Adaptation and Context Awareness”, SAICT/23447 (MCTES, Portugal 2020 and FCT), with partners of 8 schools of P.Porto, IPVC and Douro Azul.

Google Arts & Culture

Google Arts&Culture offers a virtual exhibition organised by CEI and the MA in Intercultural Studies for Business.

SCIART PROJECT – Promoting 21st century skills through an inclusive STEAM approach to Cultural Heritage

The SciArt project proposes the development of a series of activities in Cultural Heritage, connected to local and national narratives that influence the formation of a sense of identity both locally and at a European level.

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RNEC - National Network in Cultural Studies

CEI is a founding member of the National Network in Cultural Studies

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Street Art Against COVID

“Street Art Against COVID” gathers and maps the expressions of Street Art that have appeared in Porto during the confinement and pandemic months.

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COST - European Cooperation in Science and Technology

COST actions:
CA20105 “Slow Memory”, CA18126 “Writing Urban Places”, CA21125 “MARGISTAR” and CA21166 “SHiFT”.

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Blended Intensive Program – “Research Skills Booster”

"Augmented Assessment - Assessing newly arrived migrants’ knowledge in Science and Math using augmented teaching material" Project

The Augmented Assessment Project aims to address the gap that exists in assessing newly arrived migrant students’ prior knowledge in the fields of Science and Mathematics, by utilising augmented reality for assessment.

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ENDING – ICT & Early School Leaving. Developing a New Methodology to Empower Children in Digital WellbeIng and Critical Thinking.

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Community of Practice on Science and Art in Education

CEI is part of the Community of Practice on Science and Art in Education of the European Commission


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Erasmus+, K2 - Strategic Partnerships

Project Erasmus+, K2 – Strategic Partnerships, EnDent “Transversal Skills in Dentistry”.

Quality award “Wings 2019 / Spārni 2019” in Strategic Partnerships in Higher Education by the State Development Education Agency of Latvia.

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The GenderWeb

THE GENDERWEB provides information about conferences, job offers, grants, family support, books, reviews, articles, on-line resources and activism, among many others, in the wide area of Gender Studies.

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Atlas of Portuguese Literary Landscapes

CEI is a partner in the project “Atlas of Portuguese Literary Landscapes”, with IELT & IHC – FCSH, UNOVA.

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An online database that explores the presence of Economics and Law related subjects in cultural products such as cinema, literature and television.



Network of Higher Education Institutions for the Protection of the Mediterranean Diet

CEI is part of the Network of Higher Education Institutions for the Protection of the Mediterranean Diet.

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RESMI – Higher Education Network for Intercultural Mediation

CEI represents ISCAP at RESMI – Higher Education Network for Intercultural Mediation.

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World Network of Magellan Universities

With the contribution of CEI, P.PORTO is now part of the World Network of Magellan Universities.

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