Porto Accounting and Business School

Porto Accounting and Business School (ISCAP), which belongs to Portugal's largest and most prestigious public Polytechnic Institute, the Polytechnic Institute of Porto (IPP), is located in S. Mamede de Infesta (Matosinhos / Porto), very close to IPP Campus, and offers its 4,600 student population a range of innovative undergraduate and graduate programs.

ISCAP is equipped with modern and technologically advanced Multimedia, Education, Business Simulation and Marketing laboratories.

Over the years ISCAP has been trying to increase its international experience and has developed a broad network of partnerships, both in Europe and also in Brazil and EUA and has been a partner in several international networks, such as AFECA, SPACE, EdiNeb, Acinnet and others. Moreover, ISCAP has been an active partner in many international and European projects, namely under the ERASMUS framework. The number of outgoing and incoming students (both Erasmus, exchange, and free-mover) has increased significantly over the years and, during our International Weeks, we welcome visiting lecturers and our partners’ representatives, which has contributed to the “Internationalisation at Home” process and to the establishment of enduring academic and scientific bonds amongst lecturers and researchers.

At ISCAP, we take both the academic and personal needs of our international students and lecturers very seriously, and we continually strive to provide a dynamic and stimulating teaching and learning environment. For more information on our exchange programs, please visit our Webpage or contact us.  

We look forward to meeting you.

A Message From Our Dean