A Message From Our Dean

ISCAP is Porto Accounting and Business School, one of the eight schools that compose the Porto Polytechnic Institute, the largest and most prestigious public Polytechnic in Portugal and one of the largest and most recognized institutions of higher education in our country.

ISCAP is an ancient school, 136 years old, proud of its history and traditions but also committed with the modernization of its teaching and research processes and facilities.

This school has over 5000 students and offers very high-quality undergraduate and graduate programs in different areas of business, all of them offered with the most modern and innovative methodologies and using the latest available technologies.

ISCAP offers undergraduate programs in Accounting, International Commerce, Marketing, Business Communication, Administrative Assistance and Translation, Creativity and Business Innovations (Joint Program with Lithuanian and Estonian universities), Human Resources and Library and Information Sciences and Technologies.

Our school also offers Master Programs in Accounting and Finance, Auditing, Organizational Management, Digital Marketing, Logistics, Entrepreneurship and Internationalization, Administrative Assistance, Business Information, Human Resources, Finance, Intercultural Studies for Business, and Specialized Translation and Interpreting. ISCAP also offers some technical professional courses which allow students to enter higher education system directly.

Our school is located in Matosinhos, a seaside town, next to Porto. ISCAP is just a few meters away from the Polytechnic Institute Campus as well as from the main Porto University Campus, allowing our students to live in the centre of the vibrant academic life of Porto.

Matosinhos is a quite modern, busy and lively town, just next to Porto which is, nowadays, a very fashionable town, full of great events, visited by tourists from all over the world and where you can enjoy a very good quality of life.

Besides its academic offers, ISCAP is also well known because of its fantastic atmosphere where work and studies mix with pleasure, happiness, friendship, parties and strong academic traditions.

Everyone who comes to ISCAP loves to be here and never forgets the experiences lived in our school. As someone said some years ago, once in ISCAP, ISCAP is in you forever.