Sustainability and ecological conscience have become important values when talking about the fashion industry. In fact, vintage and second-hand shopping have increased in the last few years.

Would you like to give a new life to clothes and accessories that are no longer used or even donate some of your wardrobe? Great, we will show you the best 5 second-hand stores in the city of Porto!

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One of the best ways to end a day of classes or intensive study is to relax, enjoying a beautiful sunset.

Thanks to its geographical location and proximity to the coast, the city of Porto has several special places where you can witness stunning sunsets which, combined with the river view or the beach framework, offer its viewers a magical experience they can’t wait to repeat.

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Portugal is best known for its sunny weather, delicious food and rich cultural heritage.

During your stay in Porto, and in order to have a complete Portuguese experience, you must taste some of the delightful gastronomic specialties that Porto has to offer. Some recipes are recent, and some have hundreds of years, but they all have in common the ability to amaze anyone who tastes them, leaving them mouth-watering, wishing to discover more wonders of the Portuguese cuisine.

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Need to get away from all the hustle and bustle?

Although Porto has a lot of entertainment and activities available, sometimes it's nice to take a break from all the fuzz and distractions.

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"Once in ISCAP, ISCAP is in you forever"

Besides its academic offers, ISCAP is also well known because of its fantastic atmosphere where work and studies mix with pleasure, happiness, friendship, parties and strong academic traditions. Everyone who comes to ISCAP loves to be here and never forgets the experiences lived in our school.
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    Students At ISCAP, the needs of our students are a priority!
  • 231

    Lecturers At ISCAP, we invest in our facilities!
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    Staff At ISCAP, we take care of our community!

ISCAP is Porto Accounting and Business School, one of the eight schools that compose the Porto Polytechnic Institute, the largest and most prestigious public Polytechnic in Portugal and one of the largest and most recognized institutions of higher education in our country.

ISCAP is an ancient school, 133 years old, proud of its history and traditions but also committed with the modernization of its teaching and research processes and facilities.

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International Student - María Verónica Laya


My name is María Verónica Laya, I was born and raised in Venezuela until I was 13 years of age, and then I moved to Canada where I received my high school education as well as my bachelor’s degree. Upon completing my studies in Canada, I decided to travel solo around Europe for 5 weeks in April of...

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Academic Spirit

The Porto Accounting and Business School has a unique and vibrant academic spirit, where all the voices of students are heard!

What makes us different?

ISCAP assumes its research units as a strategic point for the development of research and scientific knowledge.


Promoting good and necessary partnerships and ensuring adequate monitoring in administrative and financial terms.

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R&D Units

ISCAP has two research centres, the Centre of Intercultural Studies (CEI) and the Centre for Social and Organizational Studies of Polytechnic of Porto (CEOS.PP).

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Scientific Repository

The Scientific Repository collects, organizes, disseminates and preserves P.PORTO’s scientific production, when possible with free access to full text.

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