Greater Porto – three cities united

Greater Porto presents itself as a project built in from the cooperation between the municipalities of Porto, Matosinhos and Vila Nova de Gaia with the objective of developing growth opportunities, as well as promoting and attracting national and foreign investment to the North and Northwest of Portugal. 

This new entity intends to appeal to enterprises, encourage investment and inspire the economy, driving the region to a new level by highlighting the unique characteristics of the three municipalities.
Together and under the same brand, Greater Porto, the three Atlantic Front municipalities want to develop mutual economic strategies and create an encouraging environment capable of enabling and empowering the region’s competitiveness. Its ultimate goal would be to make it a globally attractive destination reinforcing the three-sided single and particular features, propelling the territory’s image has a friendly investment region. 

This common strategy is already showing results, as new talent, start-ups and international enterprises are already investing in the region.
Greater Porto has brought more than 100 million euros in investment projects since its presentation last October at the Expo Real in Germany. 


María Verónica Laya 

My name is María Verónica Laya, I was born and raised in Venezuela until I was 13 years of age, and then I moved to Canada where I received my high school education as well as my bachelor’s degree.