Porto is one of the oldest tourist destinations in Europe and some of the reasons that invite you to visit the city are the richness of its artistic heritage, Port Wine, the vast spaces dedicated to leisure and its cultural life.

Along the river and the sea, the city unfolds in charming landscapes, inviting terraces and the pleasure of the open air complemented with numerous green spaces. Discovering Porto brings many surprises. Maintaining its hospitable and conservative character, the city is contemporary and creative at the same time, as can be seen in its streets, architecture, museums, leisure spaces, esplanades and commercial areas, from the most traditional to modern and exclusive spaces.

The Historic Centre of Porto has been a Cultural Heritage of Humanity since 1996 and its landscape and the winding layout of its streets give it a unique beauty.

In the city, Port Wine is present in many ways and senses: it can be known and experienced, but never ignored, or forgotten.

Witnessing a history made of the crossing of cultures in successive occupations, invaded and surrounded several times, but always undefeated, the city of Porto is a living, dynamic heritage, which regenerates and reinvents itself, always maintaining its character, or was not based on granite and, therefore, unshakable.

In 2017, Porto was elected as Best European Destination, an award that had already been given to it in 2012 and 2014.