How to Get to Porto



Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport is located in an important commercial and industrial area, 11 km from Porto. It is a modern infrastructure, fully equipped to meet the demands of current air traffic.







Lines connecting to the city centre: 601; 87; 76.






SUBWAY (Metro):


Line E - Airport- Trindade

“Metro” Line to the Centre: To get from the Airport to the Centre, you have to enter the Airport Metro Station and head towards Trindade, Line E (Violet). Trindade Station is connected to the rest of the metro and bus networks.






Located in Porto, this Railway Station provides international services, Alfa Pendular services, services between regions and cities, and also performs Regional and Suburban services, which makes it possible to connect to various destinations inside and outside the country. 

São Bento

Located in the city centre, this Railway Station provides regional and suburban services, as well as services between regions, which makes it possible to connect to various destinations in the city. It also provides international services to Vigo.