Where to study for your exams in Porto

The exams are just around the corner and you're already panicking? Don’t worry, we have here 5 suggestions of places to study at ISCAP and in Porto for the upcoming exam season to keep you motivated and on track!

We already know that exam seasons are times of anxiety and stress for many higher education students, as these moments are (almost) synonymous with accumulated coursework, sleepless nights, and chills down your spine.

We believe in your potential, but we know it's not always easy to stay motivated to study. That's why we're giving you 5 spots at ISCAP and in Porto where you can get the results you want!


P.Praça (ISCAP)

If you study at ISCAP, you've probably heard of P.Praça, but if you've missed it: discover ISCAP's latest co-working space!

P.Praça is a spacious, completely renovated space and is one of the students' favorite places to study daily, but especially during exam season. Here you can study alone or in a group and you have natural light, comfortable sofas, and sockets to plug in your computer.

There's also a bar/canteen where you can eat your meals, which is perfect for your well-deserved breaks between subjects. Remember that taking breaks is essential for productive study!

Caption: P.Praça (ISCAP)


ISCAP's Library

As you know, silence must rule in libraries, so if you prefer and like to study alone, accompanied by music from your headphones, ISCAP’s Library is ideal for you as it is a peaceful place!

Here you can not only study with your notebooks and materials but also have access to the library's computers if you don't have one. And there's a plus: having hundreds of books at your disposal to consult and deepen your study and work.

Caption: ISCAP's Library


Pólo Zero

Located in the city center of Porto, Pólo Zero is open to the public and ideal if you prefer to study in a group for exams, as it has a specific area with sofas and several tables.

Besides, during your study break, you can also heat some food in the microwave or buy something from the snack machine.

You’re also in the perfect spot to unwind after a study session, as you're close to several of Porto's tourist attractions!

Caption: Pólo Zero in VerPortugal


Almeida Garrett’s Library

One of the most popular places among students at the “Academia do Porto”, Almeida Garrett’s Library is located in Jardins do Palácio de Cristal, which means you can also enjoy nature and the outdoors during your breaks.

This library is a very spacious and bright place, and, of course, full of books that can help you study!

As we've already mentioned, since it's a library, we advise you to go on study marathons alone or with friends and colleagues who are focused on studying hard!

Caption: Biblioteca Municipal Almeida Garrett in Porto ConVida



If you want to get away from the typical study spots, we recommend one of Porto's largest shopping centers: Norteshopping!

Located just minutes from ISCAP and with direct transportation there, this shopping center can be the perfect place to dedicate yourself to an intensive afternoon of study, as it has a co-working space with sockets and free wi-fi so you can study alone and with your friends.

Of course, it's also very convenient if you need to take a snack break, relax a bit on the airy balcony or even wander around your favorite stores!

Caption: Centro Comercial Norteshopping in NiT


Well, you've got plenty of options for your intensive exam study sessions! Exams don't have to be a headache; all you need is organization and a little extra motivation! Studying in a different place to the one you're used to could be just the push you need to enjoy your academic life at ISCAP and Porto to the fullest!

These 5 suggestions are sure to help you get into focus mode for the exam season, now all that's left is to get down to business!

ISCAP wishes you good luck!