Lionesa Business Hub – Happiness at Work

Bringing Happiness to the workplace and making Porto and the North of Portugal the happiest and the most innovative place in the world are two of the main goals established by Lionesa Business Hub.

A unique concept in Portugal, Lionesa BH houses 120 companies and 7000 members from around 46 nationalities and sets itself as the link between that on-growing community. A place where inclusion, happiness and sustainability are the key boosters to attract more talent to this region of Portugal. Built by environmentally friendly spaces and happy co-workers, Lionesa has created the “The Business Club”, a “members only club”, where all associates can connect, grow, have fun and experience new activities with some exclusive benefits. And all of this through an App named “Hello APP” and a card called “Hello”, which empowers its owners with the hub values and gives them plenty of advantages and access to restricted events and activities.

The heart of Lionesa exists with the people and their happiness at the workplace, so they have come a step further by creating the “Happiness Camp”. An event which took place last September 2022 and gathered more than 15 speakers and 1500 participants, united around the happiness concept in its various ways and shapes.

The future is bright and Lionesa is expanding itself by doubling its space until 2025. This expansion project is set to be developed in two major areas. First, a green corridor connecting Lionesa BH to “Mosteiro de Leça do Balio”, alongside the River Leça and crossing the park, through a new bike lane. This major landscape project is currently under the names of architects Siza Vieira and Sidónio Pardal. And second, the construction of a new offices area and also a coliving space, helping companies to be closer to their employees.

Lionesa BH wants to be more than a business hub. Lionesa wants to be a place of happiness.