Masterclass do Mestrado em Intercultural Studies for Business| 20 de Maio de 2022

Na próxima 6ª feira, dia 20 de Maio de 2022 a Masterclass do Mestrado em Intercultural Studies for Business terá lugar no ISCAP, na sala 011, das 19h às 21h.

A Masterclass é de Entrada livre e conta com as seguintes comunicações:

19:00 | “Social economy and social entrepreneurship”
Margarida Azevedo de Almeida

Social economy represents a segment of economy along the private and the public sectors. The objective is to provide students with an overview of the social branch of economy by outlining its concept, its principles and the legal entities, using some examples of social entrepreneurship.

Margarida Azevedo de Almeida has an MA and a PhD in Law, specialization in Business Legal Sciences, from the Faculty of Law of the University of Coimbra and has a Law degree from the Faculty of Law of the Catholic Portuguese University. She is an Associate Professor in the scientific field at the Porto Accounting and Business School. Her main research interests are the fields of Civil Law, Corporate Law, Securities Law, and Comparative Law.

20:00 | “How I built my business; How to do business with the UK; The future of small business”
Charlie Cutler

How I built my business: learning by doing, subcontracting, SEO, minimal investment.
How to do business with the UK: cultural attitudes, Brexit.
The future of small business: micro-brands, gig economy, have you got what it takes.
Link to so that you can have a look at Charlie Cutler’s business.

Charlie Cutler came to Portugal in 1998 for a 2 month project and never left. Having only a degree in Politics, he could not find a job in Portugal, so opened his own business, rebranding Portuguese products to sell to overseas clients. He now runs several websites in the tourism and manufacturing sectors. Charlie Cutler is a former director at the British Portuguese Chamber of Commerce

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