Academic Calendar

Winter Semester generally starts in mid-September and ends in January. In January there are no classes and only exams take place, as you can see in the calendar.

Summer Semester then starts in early February and goes till July. Again, in June and July only exams take place.


Academic Calendar 2020/2021        From            To     

Academic Year

Winter Semester16.09.201920.12.2019
Christmas Holidays21.12.201902.01.2020
Regular Exam Period06.01.202018.01.2020
Resit/Grade Improvement Exam Period20.01.202001.02.2020
Summer Semester03.02.202030.05.2020
Carnival Holidays24.02.202025.02.2020
Easter Holidays06.04.202013.04.2020
Regular Exam Period01.06.202016.06.2020
Resit/Grade Improvement Exam Period17.06.202004.07.2020


National Holidays

5th of October
1st of November
1st of December
8th of December
25th of December
1st of January
25th of February
10th of April
25th of April
1st of May
2nd of June
10th of June
11th of June

24th of June