One of the great features of the North side of Portugal is that, other than Porto itself, there are many nearby natural landscapes and urban centres to enjoy. You can make one day trips to a variety of locations near Porto, which will give you a better insight of our culture and people.

Put your adventurous spirit to good use and loose yourself on our breathtaking natural landscapes, between mountains, rivers and beaches, or discover our national cultural heritage in the Baroque sanctuaries, medieval castles and narrow streets where you can enjoy authentic Portuguese cuisine at the many trendy restaurants and bars.

If you want to discover more about Portugal, and in order to complete your journey in our beautiful country, find below some nearby locations that might interest you 

Douro Valley


Douro Valley is the home of the world-famous Port Wine and it is characterized by its beautiful landscapes, as a result of the hard work of farmers over centuries.

Day trips from Porto to the Douro Valley usually start at Peso da Régua, from where you can immerse yourself in the mountains and vineyards and have the opportunity to taste various wines of the region, as well as olive oil, honey and some local cuisine. It is also possible to take cruises in Douro River, on a traditional Rabelo boat, to have a different perspective of your surroundings.

The Douro Valley is easily accessible by car, train or even boat cruise.


Peneda-Gerês National Park


Near the border with Spain, north of Portugal, is the Peneda-Gerês National Park. It is the only national park in Portugal and constitutes one of the greatest natural attractions in the country, for its scenic beauty, ecological and ethnographic value, variety of fauna and flora.

In addition to the landscapes, between mountains and rivers, the park also has sanctuaries and castles to visit, as well as community villages with ancient stone houses. Its main gastronomic delicacies are the Gerês lamb, the “Barrosã” veal, venison and wild boar.

Close to Porto, it always exceeds the expectations of those who visit it.

The Peneda-Gerês National Park is easily accessible by bus or car .


Braga and Guimarães


You can make day trips from Porto to the area of Minho which has an extremely rich history.  The cities of Braga and Guimarães are nearby so you can visit them and have a wider perspective of the Portuguese culture. The medieval castle of Guimarães, birthplace of Portugal, was where the first Portuguese king was born and is a must-visit UNESCO World Heritage site. All the monuments and pathways have been well-preserved to make it easy to imagine it in its prime.

Braga is another ancient city which houses top sights such as a stunning cathedral, the Sameiro Sanctuary and Bom Jesus do Monte.

Both cities are easily accessible by train, bus or car.


Aveiro and Coimbra


An entire day can be spent visiting the beautiful cities of Aveiro and Coimbra. You can stop at the bright colorful fishing town of Costa Nova to see its traditional striped fisherman’s houses and then travel to Aveiro, the “Portuguese Venice”, due to its water channels that burst through the city.

In Aveiro you can enjoy “ovos moles”, listen to the guitars playing on the streets, admire the architecture and take boat cruises in the channels. When visiting the historical city of Coimbra, you will see one of the oldest universities in the world and plenty of monasteries and convents that you can explore.

Both cities are easily accessible by train, bus or car.


The Walkways of Paiva (Passadiços do Paiva)


The Paiva Walkways are located on the left bank of the Paiva River, in the municipality of Arouca, Aveiro district.

There are 8 km that provide an amazing walk, surrounded by landscapes of unparalleled beauty, in an authentic natural sanctuary, along the descents of white water, quartz crystals and endangered animal species in Europe. The route stretches between the river beaches, leading to a unique trip through biology, geology and archeology that will be, for sure, in the heart, soul and mind of anyone passionate about nature.

The Walkways of Paiva are easily accessible by bus or car.