Best Brunch Places in Porto

You know when you spend all night working on a college project and you end up oversleeping? Don’t worry, Porto has the best brunch places to enjoy the most fashionable meal at the moment!

The city of Porto is widely known for its traditional gastronomy and food heritage, however, the new concept of blending breakfast with lunch has been increasing substantially in the last years.

Whether you want to appreciate it on a late morning or as a snack, our five recommendations are for all tastes!

Zenith Brunch & Cocktails Bar 


Commented in several national and international newspapers, Zenith Brunch & Cocktails Bar was considered one of the most instagrammable restaurants in the World!

This restaurant invites people to eat at any time of the day, so being hungry will no longer be a problem!

It offers you a complete menu with healthy choices, including vegan and vegetarian dishes. Besides, there are some tasteful smoothies and any type of coffee.

It also has an evening menu, which focuses on cocktails, so you can end your day well!

From pancakes with fruit, chocolate or any other topping to toasts, poached eggs and bagels. There is a lot of variety when it comes to eating an exceptional brunch!



O Diplomata


“O Diplomata” is a historical coffee shop in Porto which has, since 2017, renewed its image aiming to preserve the tradition and reminisce the tertulias of the 60s.

If you are a big fan of pancakes for your brunch time, then “O Diplomata” is the best option for you! It is said that this coffee shop has the ultimate best pancakes in the city of Porto.

Although there is a menu with all the options available, the fun begins when you can create your own style of pancakes by choosing your favorite toppings and side dish!

On the contrary, if you are not very passionate about pancakes, there are other dishes you might like, such as smoothie bowls, salads or toasts.

Once again, you can take some pictures of another incredible and photogenic brunch and embellish your Instagram feed!



Camélia – Brunch Garden


Did you know that the name of this wonderful coffee shop pays homage to Porto’s characteristic flower – Camellia?

For this very reason, this place was decorated with graceful floral themes with a focus on having a bright environment. Besides, the view to Douro’s River is ravishing!

Many of the dishes consumed during the most popular meal of the moment – brunch – are vegan and vegetarian. There are salad bowls, toasts, vegan burgers, eggs in all forms and also pancakes.

Moreover, Camélia – Brunch Garden bet on organic and seasonal menus and options, which is great to taste the fresh products Portugal has to offer.

Of course, when we talk about brunch, we mustn’t forget the drinks! There is a whole entire menu of drinks you can explore. From specialty coffee and hot drinks to smoothies, cocktails or even wine and sangria!



Nicolau Porto 

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Nicolau Porto is one of the most popular places to be delighted with a late morning brunch or at any other time of the day!

The menu is designed for all tastes too, since it includes toasts, salads, burgers, tapioca, and pancakes!

The coffee is also one of the points to be mentioned as they have a professional and experience in preparing high-quality coffee. You can choose from a fresh cold coffee to a hot and comforting one.

Nicolau Porto provides and prepares several healthy options and many of them are vegan or vegetarian.

It is a place with exotic decoration, a cozy and relaxed atmosphere and also a pet-friendly dynamic!



The Lazy Breakfast Club



The Lazy Breakfast Club is one of the most original places when it comes to decoration and that is its trademark! There are pink neon lights and a large table to be shared with your favorite people!

The menu is influenced by the traditional English and French breakfast, however you can create your own type of brunch! Bagels, avocado, eggs, croissants, waffles and burgers are just an example of what you could eat there!

The drinks are very original as well! This place has biological coffee, fruit juice and milkshakes for every occasion! If you ever enjoy a night out in Porto and find yourself drinking a little too much, The Lazy Breakfast Club even has a special drink to cure your hangover!

The restaurant is also available for dinners by appointment, in which they not only ensure you the food, but also the party! It can last until 2 a.m!