Porto Night Out

For many, Porto is a synonym of fun, not only for the various activities available for you to do during the day but also for the nightlife that is lived with such intensity by all of those who are here.

We have collected several places where you can enjoy a great night out in the city of Porto, regardless of your musical or leisure tastes!

Plano B

(Author: https://www.thresholdmagazine.pt/2018/11/reportagem-quadra-plano-b-porto.html )

Plano B is one of the most popular spots in the city of Porto when it comes to its nightlife and cultural dynamic!

During the day, you can enjoy some art exhibitions, conferences, theater or even dance shows. At night, it becomes one of the most hipster places and this is where the cool bohemian Portuenses (people from Porto city) hang out.

It has two floors with very different atmospheres: the first floor is perfect for socializing with friends, having some drinks and meeting new people! The floor below is an amazing dance floor to have fun with your friends and enjoy the night!

Plano B has a very relaxed, animated and eclectic environment, since it can include several types of people with very different musical tastes, such as rock, electronic, experimental music or even soul! 



(Author: https://lifecooler.com/artigo/comer/rendez-vous/416048)

If you are looking for a place to spend all night dancing, Rendez-Vous is definitely the best choice for you!

The most prominent feature in this bar/disco is the music.

Have you always dreamed of a club dedicated to rock music from the oldest to the newest? Well, you found it here in Porto!

With an exceptional pleasant vibe, in Rendez-Vous you can dance to the sound of electro-rock, classic rock, indie, psychedelic and alternative music!


Via Rápida

(Author: https://www.facebook.com/fnataliscap)

In order for you to be able to integrate yourself into the academic life of Porto, you have to go - at least once in your life - to the parties on Via Rápida.

With more than 20 years of existence, the disco Via Rápida brings hundreds of people to its space every year to dance and party until the morning!

In fact, ISCAP is one of the biggest names when it comes to parties in here, such as "Natalisca" (a party that takes place near Christmas time). Not to mention the many other parties ISCAP organizes where you can pay a lot less for studying here.

Dare to go to one of ISCAP's parties and you will never want to miss one again!


Maus Hábitos

(Author: https://www.facebook.com/mhabitos/)

Maus Hábitos is a place for cultural intervention, which needs to be expressive, innovative and subversive. For that very reason, this place is called “bad habits”.

This is a much-requested place by many people who find themselves in Porto, as it is an atelier, a gallery and a disco… all in one!

From art exhibitions and theater to concerts and parties, this is a place without a concrete definition, where you are free to try everything.

It is a great choice if you enjoy trap parties, DJs, electronic, alternative music or even indie rock!


Hard Club

(Author: https://www.hardclubporto.com/PT/auditorios/)

Hard Club is an enormous building intended for cultural purposes in the city of Porto.

It has two rooms, in which musical concerts, corporate events, theater, cinema, fairs and many other events are held!

There is also a restaurant, which is based in the Porto brewery tradition, with a cozy and relaxed atmosphere.

The best heavy music concerts take place in here, so if you needed a place to listen to some great music and some headbanging – this is your spot!

Hard Club also brings to its stage electronic, psychedelic and some hip-hop music onto its stage! As you can see, this is a good place to enjoy some art exhibitions during the day and some concerts at night!


Hot Five Jazz & Blues Club

(Author: https://visao.sapo.pt/visaose7e/sair/2019-05-03-vibracoes-graves-no-novo-hot-five-jazz-blues-club-uptown-no-porto/)

Are you a jazz, blues and rock lover? Lucky you, this is definitely your type of club!

Hot Five has two different bars: uptown and downtown Porto, so you can choose the better option for you (both of them are great).

Both clubs bring with them a 60's vibe in their decor and ambiance, since it has an intimate environment with candles, large armchairs and carpeted walls! Besides that, the half-moon stage also reminds us of earlier times!

If you prefer a quieter evening to the sound of good live music, Hot Five is also the best to choose. Although it hosts wonderful concerts, the place is mostly known for candlelight nights with your lover or your friends.


Espaço 77

(Author: https://www.evasoes.pt/beber/espaco-77-bar-em-cedofeita-e-o-que-vende-mais-minis-em-portugal/17948/

Beer, beer and beer! Does this please you? This is what most describes Espaço 77!

Espaço 77 is the place where people look for beer. Why, you may ask? It’s because it costs 50 cents there! Sounds insane, doesn’t it?

National and international college students spend several afternoons and nights in this place, not only for the cheap drinks, but also for the relaxed and pleasant environment. The chances of finding someone from your country are actually very high, you will never feel displaced!

If socializing with people you know (or don’t) is what you are looking for, this is your “cup of beer”!

You can play snooker and table soccer too! The ways to have fun here are endless!