Riding the Portuguese wave

The city of Porto is known for its wide range of recreational and cultural activities.

Being a city on the coast, Porto has a considerable amount of beaches that, combined with its characteristic great weather, provide the perfect conditions for relaxing days of sunbathing and warmth. In addition to this, it is also possible to practice multiple nautical and beach sports.

One of the main nautical sports practiced on Portuguese beaches is Surf.

In Porto, the best place to surf is Matosinhos Beach, as it allows the practice of sports in a safe and conscious way, always maintaining respect for the sea and the bathing areas.

To experience a first time or to take regular classes, Matosinhos Beach has a large offer of specialized surf schools, which allow anyone to connect with their adventurous spirit and have a fantastic experience.

The boldness of facing the Atlantic in motion, in a mixture of emotion and adrenaline, is definitely something you should experience while in Porto.