Need to get away from all the hustle and bustle?

Although Porto has a lot of entertainment and activities available, sometimes it's nice to take a break from all the fuzz and distractions.

Given that we all need a quiet place to cleanse our minds and study (even if only for a bit), we believe that it is important for you to know where to have a moment to yourself in Porto. Find below some proper places to focus on your studies and enhance your knowledge. 

Iscap’s Library 


With free access for all students and teachers, the ISCAP Library operates on the 1st floor of Block C of the main building, in an area that integrates the following spaces: reading and loan areas, research offices, technical offices and services. In addition to a study space, it provides its users with a wide range of literature in the field of business sciences.


E-Learning Café Asprela


The E-Learning Café Asprela, next to the University Campus of Asprela, has two floors. In the first you will find the cafeteria, events and a reading area. In the second, it is where you will spend the most time because that is where the study rooms, computers and plugs are located to connect your work devices. It remains open until 2 am, being perfect for those who prefer to study at night.


E-Learning Café Botânico


At the e-Learning Café Botânico, students have four rooms equipped for individual or group work, as well as access to 20 portable computers and high-speed internet, via the University's wireless network (eduRoam). During breaks, they can also enjoy ample social / leisure areas and a space to warm up light meals.


Pólo Zero 


Polo Zero is, above all, a space for individual and group study.

For the study to be as fruitful as possible, Polo Zero presents a set of services such as the possibility of booking its own room for meetings and group study, availability of computers, wireless access, video projection and videoconference service and dining space with vending machines and microwaves.


Almeida Garret’s Library 


The Almeida Garret Municipal Library (BMAG) is a public library located in the Gardens of the Palácio de Cristal. The Library provides a free collection of approximately 90,000 documents that can be consulted on the spot or requested for home loans. It has wireless and fixed internet stations. The building, in addition to the library, has a gallery, a cafeteria with a terrace and a small auditorium.


Serralves Library


Located in the heart of the Serralves Foundation, and surrounded by its beautiful gardens, the Serralves Library is mainly aimed at researchers, artists, art critics, architects and university students. Among the services it offers its users, we highlight the wide study areas, free access to the documentary fund, the free Wi-Fi network and the reproduction, digitization, printing or recording of research.