The Porto Accounting and Business School of Porto (ISCAP) is part of a strategic partnership for higher education, within the scope of the ERASMUS + program, along with 6 more European countries.

This three-year program entitled Legal systems and the evolution of the profession: Translating and Interpreting in diversity has, as main objectives, the reinforcement of the general training of students, providing them with precise technical knowledge in the scope of the professionalization of the translator and their integration in the labor market, in an international, multilingual and multicultural context.

The program has 7 partner countries: France, Spain, Portugal, Czech Republic, Romania, Latvia and Slovakia. Portugal was the organizing country for the annual meeting in 2020.

In addition to strengthening the general training in translation and law, this intensive program (IP) allowed participants to contact with new methodologies and tools used in training in translation and interpretation in partner countries, offered presentations and panels with former students, experts and professionals, and provided visits to partner companies, always with the objective of sharing experiences and knowledge that open new horizons for the future professionals.

Finally, the IP contributes to the formation of the European identity, constituting a real immersive environment for more than thirty students who, for two weeks, carry out activities in multilingual and multinational teams, share accommodation and meals and participate in a social and cultural program in which everyone had the opportunity to get to know and make their countries and cultures known.



María Verónica Laya 

My name is María Verónica Laya, I was born and raised in Venezuela until I was 13 years of age, and then I moved to Canada where I received my high school education as well as my bachelor’s degree.